Microflown Scan & Paint 3D

A unique tool for acoustic troubleshooting and sound source localization, allowing you to visualize what you hear. It makes complex problems simple and easy to understand.
Localize your sound sources and visualize the sound propagation in full 3D. Scan&Paint 3D offers you 3D sound vectors displayed on a 3D model.

Product Full Description

Microflown probes enable the direct measurement of both sound pressure & particle velocity, thus the sound intensity can be obtained by taking the time averaged cross spectrum between both.

This allows for direct measurements across a broad frequency range (20Hz to 10kHz). Furthermore the sensors are not highly affected by the environment and allow sound intensity measurements in situations with a high sound pressure over sound intensity ratio (p/I index). This unique feature makes the system a superb engineering tool for troubleshooting or benchmarking all kinds of objects on the spot.

 In practice, there are many cases where anechoic conditions are not applicable, for instance in an industrial manufacturing environment, or a car interior. Finally, a solution is offered which does not require any compromise when taking measurements even in acoustically challenging environments.

The tracking camera, which automatically tracks the position and orientation of the sensor, can be repositioned easily during measurement sessions, providing flexibility together with the ability to capture complex objects, such as a car interior in full 3D. Multiple measurements from different camera views can be merged into one full 3D project.

FEATURES for the Scan&Paint 3D system

Broadband Solution for wide Frequency range
20Hz - 10kHz
3D visualisation for
Sound intensity vectors | Particle velocity vectors | Sound pressure distribution
Setup Time
quick setup, easy measurement and fast processing time to result


Tracking camera
Automatic real-time tracking of the sensor position and orientation using a stereo infrared camera
Scout | Data Acquisition
Highly accurate 24-bit, 4-channel data acquisition. The device is USB powered so no additional power cables are required.
Case material
Stainless steal
MFPA-4 | Signal Conditioner
Signal conditioning unit for the 3D USP sensor supplying power and preamplification.
3D USP Sensor
Broad band 3D intensity probe (20Hz-10kHz)3x particle velocity sensor and 1x microphone.
Tracking sphere
Sphere with IR reflecting markers allows for accurate probe tracking, with an accuracy down to millimeters.
Remote Handle
Remotely start and stop your measurement, monitor the signals in real-time, and manage your measurements.

Scan and Paint Software

Tab workflow
Follow the 5 main tabs that guide you step by step from setup to reporting of your measurement. Open, manage and work on saved projects. Go to Microflown
Interactive 3D visualisation
3D sound vectors are displayed on a 3D model. View the results from any angle and in your preferred settings e.g. frequency range, octave band, etc.
2D slices
Set one or multiple section planes in either x, y or z direction and show the interpolated result in 2D on the object.
Project parameters
Directly view the parameters of the current project you are working in.
Full flexibility in setting the frequency range and dynamic range of the visualization.
See the averaged spectrum for the Sound Intensity or Particle Velocity in octave or narrow bands for the selected plane, individual vector, or whole measurement run.


Product leaflet
Follow this link to download the full Microflown Scan and Paint 3D description. See here
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